Wouldn’t it be super awesome if everybody had a magical childhood? Some wish for it, some had it and others are too jaded to think it would have been great to have one. Introduction to magic can come in many forms and some are even introduced at a very young age. Santa Claus, the tooth fairy – these are just a couple of the magical figures we embraced as kids that brought joy in our hearts. They may not be entirely magic but the fun they gave us and gave our parents we still can remember years after.

Some children are not given the chance to have a magical memory. Good thing there are books, comics, school activities and computer tutorials on the lore or magic, practicing magic and performing magic. A conducive place always need to look dreamy and magical. Safe and colourful surroundings, perhaps an artificial lawn or one with soft fall rubber in different colours that sparks the imagination. It could be in team colours or according to theme.

Magic as a child’s hobby – It’s a little ironic that those who are critical of magic and magicians as children ends up doing magic eventually. Whatever holds their interest, they will do their best to learn and perfect. Encouraging children to do magic and perform is one way of building their confidence. This is true even for shy kids because magic can be the icebreaker they need to interact with other children. When they have practiced and  managed to baffle children of the same age or even older, they gain confidence. To be able to do that requires self-discipline, practice and perseverance. Some children will even do away with after school activities to practice if it does not involve magic because this is the thing that makes them happy.

Practicing magic even in very young ones will elicit squeals of delight and wonderment.  Teaching them this craft can improve their fine and gross motor skills. It teaches preparation, preparation and flourish imagination skills. For very dedicated youngsters this could even be a side gig that could provide a modest income. It opens up possibilities not just of learning something new but also meeting people of all ages and interests. Learning and practicing magic is not just for children but adults, too. People who want the sense of amazement, anticipation and wonder to continue on in their lives and their children’s lives.