Every girl wants to be beautiful. Secretly, so does every man. Who does not want to be presentable and pleasing to people’s eyes? Or be admired by people you meet? Makeup plays an important role not just for women but men too. Makeup in progress is part of history in progress. It is a huge industry that caters to both men and women. Even with the ‘going natural’ trend, it takes even more makeup to get it to look natural.

Attractiveness creates for a more favourable treatment. That is because a large number of people are visual in nature. It also builds self-confidence. Knowing that you look your best can make you more optimistic about meeting people and circumstances head on. There’s something quite transformative about it. Makeup in progress is change underway. Done everyday, the feeling sticks, that confidence and you learn to stand for yourself even when you do not have it on.  

Even if some women would rather not put on makeup, there are days when it is called for. Special occasions like birthdays, debuts, school holiday activities, corporate events, company dinners and weddings. Wedding makeup is one of the best  reasons to hire a makeup artist. Say you could do this yourself, your wedding day is going to be one of the busiest and most stressful days. You wouldn’t want to be another thing that is going to overwhelm you. Walking down the aisle beautiful, composed and if possible, fresh is any brides wish on her wedding day.

But not everyday is your wedding day. Still a fresh face with some moisturizer, lipstick and blush makes a vast improvement to just freshly washed pale face. Even if it is not obvious, the time you spend putting on makeup is well spent “me time”. This precious few minutes can make you mentally prepare for the day; what to do, where to go, what you might be forgetting. One study says it can actually help you sleep better. But best not to sleep with your makeup on.