People wanting to get a tattoo usually cannot decide on one single thing. Unless it is something that truly means a lot to them. A face, a date or something like it. When you are thinking of a tattoo and it is your first time, you spend a lot of time deciding what to put on your canvas. It’s going to be on your skin for a long time. And might cause for more than one conversation or raised eyebrows. So, of course, you have to be selective. Here’s a few of the most popular tattoos for men and why.

Tribal tattoos – Striking and attention-grabbing, these tattoos are seriously a look-at-me pieces. They represent strength and dynamism. Traditionally, the more tattoos you have, the more accomplished you are.

Minimalist – These inks are simple usually a reinforced personal statement or reminder. Stylish, fashionable but stays on the conservative side. A word or a name, a number like a date of birth to commemorate an important event.

Portrait – these ink sketches depict a picture of a person. Celebrating a feeling for this person, memorialising what they meant to us. It can be tricky because not all artists are good with this genre. 

Animal tattoos – some guys love citing certain animals as their spirit animal. That which this man person shares traits and characteristics and guides and protects  this person on his journey. Or just an animal he really likes and admires.Most-Popular-Tattoo-for-Men

Punctuation marks – from the semi-colon which is a sign of depression to three dots symbolising ‘mi vida loca’, these tattoos expresses health conditions, mind frame even how they tackle life. Matching tattoos also indicate who they want to tackle life with. A commitment to the other person, hopefully for life. Or until they get  that tattoo removed

Other symbols – From stars to the many stylized cross, these images can depict anything from faith, guidance, protection or simply a cool thing to have on your skin. Some images are for their beliefs and aspirations. 

Tattoo has become a trend, an extension of one’s views, beliefs and personality. They often have meaning, a deep personal significance in their life’s journey that they want to look at, remember and look back on. It can also be a representation of their dreams, a future they envision. A goal. A reminder of who they are and who they are going to be.