Most children go through the cartoon or anime stage. The stage where we get to watch all we want of the cartoon characters and storylines that we like. Most boys love robots and cars and those that have oddly gross things. Girls are more into dolls, pink girly themes, princesses and fairy tales. Our first memories involves story telling.

These stories usually translate to our dreams. They occupy our waking hours too. We role play and extend the stories when it is not to our liking. Once or twice we will be asked of what will we do if the stories were ours to end. This is the start of a tiny dream. So you want to be a filmmaker?

A filmmaker is more than just being a director. They are responsible for the whole film and not just the acting. You have a hand at all the slices of the pie. From the conception, idea of the film, locations, raising money. That is all in the future. It would help if you have a degree. A bachelor’s degree in film and television is of immense help. It will teach you the nitty gritty of the business. And there are many things you will have to know to be a good filmmaker.


Filmmaking in Sydney is not an easy climb. Although there are a number of great Sydney film schools, to get your break you must have more than average patience, lots of luck and unlimited talent. Sometimes two out of three will give you a good start.

For the meantime, try to create short films with whatever resources you have. Nowadays, a smart phone and some good story line can produce practice sets. Make if a short film but you would have to push it from the start to finish. It is never easy but this will give you the experience and an insight on what is needed of an even bigger production.