When you think about the celebrities who make the covers of those dreadful magazines in the supermarket, what do the majority of them do for a living? If I am right, most of them inhabit the sporting and entertainment realms. An examination of what lies at the heart of sports and performing live or on camera reveals games and play acting. Therefore, we can confidently say that those who make life play, prosper. The most highly paid among us, play games and pretend to be other people for a living. Does this strike you as odd or, at least, a little disturbing?

We Honour Those Who Excel at Games

Why do we as a society value those who stand outside of the essential elements within our communities? Those involved in manufacturing, farming, nursing, teaching, policing, and, even, governing, are not recompensed and regarded as highly as those who muck about with balls, bats and silly voices. In the sporting arena, at the highest levels, we honour those who excel at games above all other members of our tribe. In the entertainment game we prize those who pretend to be other people, who play out characters on our stages in song and prose, over the rest of us, who quietly go about our work.

Aussie Icons in These Playful Pursuits

Aussie icons in these playful pursuits, like Cate Blanchett and Lance Buddy Franklin, may be very different cats, but they both are well rewarded for lives of play. Buddy, even, sought professional help for mental health issues – it seems too much serious game playing can mess with your head. Our children play games and pretend to be aspirational characters, but we, as ordinary adults, put away our games and dolls when we enter the working world. It seems that those who make life play, prosper. Perhaps, we should remind ourselves of this salient point, when advising our children on vocational matters.

It Is a Mixed Up Shook Up World

Many stars care about the plight of animals and those less fortunate than themselves, if their presence on TV commercials can be taken at face value. It is a mixed up shook up world, where the serious things in life are rewarded less than the glamour and the glitter infested actions of a few. Hatrick Catering feeds the stars, when they get the chance, and they are equally happy to feed the hoi polloi too.